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Mega Ran Mega Ran

Up: W, Up ArrowRight: D, Right ArrowDown: S, Down ArrowLeft: A, Left Arrow

Fire: Enter, Alt Jump: Space, Control Pause: P Level Up: L

Mega Ran in Language Arts

Mega Ran (aka Random)

Random, aka Mega Ran. Teacher, Rapper, Hero. A student of hip-hop culture, middle school teacher and videogame aficionado,  Random's songs are filled with all of the heartache, pain, triumph, tragedy and fun that come with everyday living. A Philadelphia native and Phoenix transplant, graduate of Penn State University and former middle school instructor, Random speaks to the everyman, transcending race or class barriers."I never want anyone to predict my next move," he says. You can, however, expect the unexpected from Random, hence the name.

Random’s unique combination of fantasy and true to life music has garnered him respect and admiration from the genre’s toughest critics; Not many independent artists can boast having music utilized in television (TNA Wrestling, Portlandia), videogames (Rock Band, among others), movies, and university courses in several colleges in the US (Temple, Virginia Tech, Miami among others). Now that’s Random.

Random’s critically acclaimed projects as Mega Ran include FOREVER FAMICOM, a tribute to NES classics, and BLACK MATERIA, an album based on the music of hit Final Fantasy VII. Ran continues to reach new heights after video game corporation CAPCOM offered Random an exclusive licensing agreement, leading to movie soundtrack placements and tours of the US, UK and Japan. Random's next step is the ambitious LANGUAGE ARTS project, combining Music, Video Games and Comic Books. Expect the Unexpected. Buy it Now!

Lunar Giant

Lunar Giant

Lunar Giant is an independent game and entertainment media developer located outside Chicago, Illinois. We are committed to building ambitious, solidly designed and professionally drawn games with a retro-gaming flair.

Players as well as developers, we are members of the wider community. We are passionate about keeping true to our roots as board gamers, video gamers, card gamers and tabletop gamers. Industry outreach and fanbase feedback are important to us, and it is our goal to be available and engage with the community on issues of importance to us all.

Our design and development team founded Lunar Giant in 2008 to produce games that appeal to a broad range of players, both casual and hardcore.

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Welcome to version 1.1!

We've added a new level for the first boss. Check it out! Also, if you'd like to play with a controller rather than the keyboard, check out JoyToKey for PC, Enjoy for OS X, or joy2key for Linux.

Initial release!

More to come soon. The Mega Ran in Language Arts Game is currently on version 1.0.